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White Sand Beach

Even for accustomed for Bali beauty eye these scenery will not be common. “Bounty” advertizing is totally out of competition, you are in Heaven! Cozy restaurants, fishing boats in the shade of emerald green of this perfect island. Music of life in its greatest execution. Listen… quiet, simple, but heart-stirring national theme will bring you to the deepness of eternity, the island will possess you and charm you with its mood and soul.

Tirta Empul

Water is a sacred element for Balinese. They believe that during corpus ablution soul is being purified. Everyone who was born at the island honors water above all things. So it is now wonder that sacred spring Tirta Empul is one of the most respected places on Bali. Here water comes out from the ground in the form of small geysers. Wonderful, incomparable sight.

The Monkey Wood

In the very heart of tourist town Ubud you can find national park, and in actual fact a small island of old shady forest with centuries-old trees, wandering paths, sacred spring and miniature church, hidden from the fleet glance with rich forest foliage.

The Bratan Lake

A wonderful Bratan Lake is located in the crater of dormant volcano. This water is sacred as the Balinese believe. No wonder because the lake gives water for irrigation the rice terraces. Majestic Ulun Danu Temple is towering at the right lakeside. It was created in honor of Virgin Sri, the rice goddess.

Tanah Lot

This temple of indescribable beauty is the holy symbol of Bali that is represented at almost all souvenirs of the island. The uniqueness of the temple is in the fact that it rises right above sea waves. Tanah Lot is located in the south of the island, at the place called Pura Tamat Aun.

Reptile and Bird Park

One of the most colorful and informative excursions on Bali is the trip to Reptile and Bird park. The park itself is not so large – 2 hectares – but it contains birds and animals not only from Bali and Indonesia, but from the whole world! Most of them walk on the grass, and you can easily make photos with them.


Bali – it is of course beach Heaven, white sands and tender sea waves. For those who are tired of laying under the sun it is something interesting to see here. For those who want to see Bali from inside we recommend to run on boats across mountain river Logo Vadja.


Is it really possible? Yes! For already 2 years a modern diving centre exists at Balinese settlement Chandidasa. Its personnel will not only teach you to dive and present you unforgettable meetings with rare fish and sea animals – at the centre they organize trips around the island, take tourists to the safari and… take them up to the sky with paratrike.

Kopi Luwak

If you are out of touch, Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. The cost of it is 1000 euro per kilogram. So why is it so costly, what does its price consist of? The thing is that in wild jungle on the islands Sumatra and Bali there lives a small carnivore – palm civet or Luwak. Exteriorly this little animal is like mongoose or wild cat, but it has some unusual for animals characteristics.

Kintamani Volcano and Batur Lake

Kintamani volcano is located deep in the mountains. Not far from the same-name village. From Kintamani settlementyou will have a lovely view of volcano and Batur Lake – wonderful scenery! The lake is situated at the foot of magnificent volcano that is considered to be active till our days and the biggest active volcano in South-East Asia. On its side it is still possible to notice the signs of recent eruption that took place in 2008.

Git Git Waterfall

Standing under the water column that falls from 45 meters height is only for the courageous travellers!!! You can splash out all your negative emotions near the raging power – just try to shout down the roar of the fall! Near Bangli waterfall you can take a King bath. 25 meters water column rushes to the natural pool. Your skin will be tender and smooth after such bathing. It is the secret of mountain water. But be careful when going down the slippery steps – otherwise a leap in water will be faster than you could prepare for it.

Ganesha Cave

Not far from Ubud Ganesha Cave (Goa Gajah) is situated. The unique archeological site is located between beds of rivers Petanu and Pakrisan. In XI century the cave was the sanctuary of Hindu hermits. Holiness of this place survives to this day. Nowadays it is the temple complex that joins together Buddhists and Hindus. Here they pray, meditate and make gifts for their gods.

Besakih Temple and Gunung-Agung Mountain

If Bali is Heaven – then there should be gods living on it. Locals consider that gods live on the highest and the most magnificeint mountain of the island – always cloud-capped Gunung-Agung. The top of the mountain reaches 3142 meters above the sea.

Bats Temple

As centuries passed at Bali Hinduism and Buddhism have fantastically mixed together and transformed to absolutely special separate religion. Due to this fact lots oа unusual temples appeared here. Among them there is Bats Temple – Goa Lawah, that means “the cave of bats” in translation. It was erected on the East coast of Bali Island, in Klungkung.

Barong Dance

Not only temples, beaches and waterfalls are among places of interest at Bali. There is something non-material at this island, that can be never seen somewhere else and that is the real treasure of this place of paradise. What is it? The most loved by tourists Balinese dance – Barong.

Balinese Village

If you are most of all interested in life of ancient Balinese before civilization came to the island – you should wend your way to the real Balinese village. Here inimitable unique way of life and principles are preserved till the present days. Balinese women weave sarongs of fibers colored with natural dyes, weave baskets, and men cut images and delicate caskets from wood.