East Bali tour with lodging

Want to tour the eastern part of Bali?
We have developed a program for you that includes TOP places to visit in the east, as well as stay in a comfortable hotel:

1st day:
- Check-in the Rossa Garden Hotel
- Transfer to Virgin beach White Beach
- Transfer to the Rossa Garden Hotel

2nd day:
- Fishing at dawn, catching large mahi-mahi fish
- Or snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon with bright-coloured fish and reefs
- Included: boat hire with fisherman, lunchbox

3rd day:
- Transfer to Tirta Gannga Water Palace
- Transfer to the Temple of Lempuyang with the famous gates to the sky
- Transfer to Rossa Garden Hotel

Price per night:

- Superior Room $60
- Deluxe Bungalow $70

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