Long-term stay

Seven reasons to choose the Rossa Garden Hotel for a long-term stay:

  1. Crazy 80% off long-term stay! Book by WhatsApp +6281353568912
  2. The beach is only a one minute walk.
  3. Activities available: snorkeling, diving and fishing.
  4. Free activities at the hotel: yoga, sports, movie sharing, children's play area, board games and various master classes.
  5. Spacious kitchen with all the necessary utensils and equipment for cooking your favourite dishes.
  6. The most beautiful Bali dawns and diverse wildlife – the east of the island will surprise you!
  7. Enjoy a pleasant stay in the company of welcoming neighbours. We welcome you warmly, add you in our public chat and of course we invite you to have a fun together – every day. We entertain with all kinds of delicacies, travel together to beautiful places, celebrate holidays and sing to a guitar. Feel at home here!

We look forward to seeing you there!