Long-term stay

Here are seven reasons to choose the Rossa Garden Hotel for a long-term stay:

  1. We offer up to 50% off when you book a stay of over 2 weeks with us.
  2. The beach is an under a minute walk.
  3. We offer excellent activities, such as snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and excursions around Candi Dasa.
  4. We offer stable Wi-Fi and have a co-working space for your use.
  5. You will feel at home in the company of our staff and fellow travelers at Rossa Garden when we spend time together, travel together or celebrate the holidays, for example.
  6. The area the hotel is situated in has the most beautiful dawns Bali has to offer and is also home to diverse wildlife. Rossa Garden is a perfect mix of nature’s beauty and the opportunity for sightseeing.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Rossa Garden Hotel!