Barong Dance

Not only temples, beaches and waterfalls are among places of interest at Bali. There is something non-material at this island, that can be never seen somewhere else and that is the real treasure of this place of paradise. What is it? The most loved by tourists Balinese dance – Barong.

Barong is not just a dance style – it is a colorful action with a strong plotline. Actors’ dresses will surprise you with their gorgeousness. The main intrigue of the dance is the eternal fight of good and evil.

The main character of the performance is Barong, the King of jungle. This fabled being is half a dog and half a lion. Barong is always danced by two actors, robed with one dress. King of jungle represents good forces. His opponent is witch Rangda. She impersonates all evil spirits, and also diseases and disasters.

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