It’s difficult to argue with the fact that Bali is Heaven on Earth. Islands surrounded by blue ocean, white beaches, endless rice terraces And just imagine a bird-eye view of all these things!

Is it really possible? Yes! For already 2 years a modern diving centre exists at Balinese settlement Chandidasa. Its personnel will not only teach you to dive and present you unforgettable meetings with rare fish and sea animals – at the centre they organize trips around the island, take tourists to the safari and… take them up to the sky with paratrike.

Two professional pilots – Volodya and Dennis – have brought the fantastic mechanism on Bali from cold Moscow. Guys have many years’ experience of air work. Paratrike surprised both island guests and Balinese. For the last ones it is something beyond words, bringing horror and delight, boggling their minds.

Photographer of diving centre has of course taken pictures of all this unbelievable beauty from birds eye view. The photos are worth being originals for magnificent landscape paintings. However nothings compares to an opportunity of viewing Bali from the air with your own eyes.

Here is Balinese village Bug-Bug spreading before us, then we can see a bright cloth of Chandidasu view. Just take a look at rice terraces, wonderful sea views, islands and beaches.

While paratrike is having a rest on earth, spontaneous and smiling Balinese put their children to machine seats and make photos with high laughter. Fids of pleasure on the earth and in the sky! We invite all of you to take a flight over Bali and look at the Heaven from above.

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