Git Git Waterfall

By hot weather you will enjoy standing under the cold and refreshing shower which gives energy, especially when summer lasts the whole year.

Every Bali visitor can rest in the jungle and plunge in the streams of Git Git waterfall. It will protect you from summer heat and also give you a lot of wonderful Balinese energy.

Git Git streams fall from the height of 45 meters but there are also small waterfalls where you feel like in the natural Charcot’s douche or Jacuzzi.

Standing under the water column that falls from 45 meters height is only for the courageous travellers!!! You can splash out all your negative emotions near the raging power – just try to shout down the roar of the fall! Near Bangli waterfall you can take a King bath. 25 meters water column rushes to the natural pool. Your skin will be tender and smooth after such bathing. It is the secret of mountain water. But be careful when going down the slippery steps – otherwise a leap in water will be faster than you could prepare for it.

The way to the falls should not be boring. There are lots of small markets. Here you can buy everything you wish, such as pearls, gold, wooden figures, masques, national clothing and cool beverages.

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