White Sand Beach

And we continue exploring secret places of this island of paradise!

What is Bali? It is endless rise terraces, spreading palm trees, tropical jungle, tanned women, volcanoes of character, and of course… white sandy beaches and hyaline ocean. 15 minutes ride from Rossa Garden Hotel you can find cozy blue lagoon with sand white as sugar.

Even for accustomed for Bali beauty eye these scenery will not be common. “Bounty” advertizing is totally out of competition, you are in Heaven! Cozy restaurants, fishing boats in the shade of emerald green of this perfect island. Music of life in its greatest execution. Listen… quiet, simple, but heart-stirring national theme will bring you to the deepness of eternity, the island will possess you and charm you with its mood and soul.

Here both adults and children feel cloud seven. The small ones will quickly learn easy Balinese melody, having an opportunity to play bamboo xylophone with drumsticks. Adults should necessarily dive with an aqualung into deep warm water, where they can make plenty of excellent photos. If you are lucky – you can meet little clownfishes or blue moray. Sea mousse, like beautiful flowers, instantly hide from a slight roll of the sea.

This is the favorite place for lots of our guests, it can also be your own Heaven, just come here!

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