Bats Temple

As centuries passed at Bali Hinduism and Buddhism have fantastically mixed together and transformed to absolutely special separate religion. Due to this fact lots oа unusual temples appeared here. Among them there is Bats Temple – Goa Lawah, that means “the cave of bats” in translation. It was erected on the East coast of Bali Island, in Klungkung. It was created in XXI century around damp and booming cave where plenty of bats live. Monks, living and ministering in this ancient temple, adore these animals – masters of big cave.

The temple itself is in excellent state because the Island government regularly gives a financial aid to it. After every ceremony, as well as in the evenings, when the dark falls, monks bring full baskets of food for the holy animals and carefully put it at the cave entrance.

It is allowed to take pictures and make videos at the temple; the only restriction for tourists is that it is not possible to enter the holy cave. Notice that on Bali it is used to donate some money at the entrance of the temple complex, and also to make at least short note at the “guest book”.

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