Gunung-Agung Mountain & Besakih Temple

The Balinese believe that the Gods inhabit the tallest mountain of Bali (3142 meters above sea level), the always cloud-capped, Gunung-Agung. At the east side of Gunung-Agung Mountain, the most sacred temple in Bali stands 1000 meters above sea level. The temple is called Besakih, and its second name is Mother Temple.

Thousands of pilgrims climb the mountain to bow to the gods every year. Tourists are attracted to the Temple due to its splendid architecture and unique history. At the Tempel’s entrance, you will find Duarapals – guards who defend the sacred place against evil spirits, and at the base, you will have the opportunity to explore a cozy market where you can get a traditional Indonesian skirt, sarong, for example.

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