The Bratan Lake

A wonderful Bratan Lake is located in the crater of dormant volcano. This water is sacred as the Balinese believe. No wonder because the lake gives water for irrigation the rice terraces. Majestic Ulun Danu Temple is towering at the right lakeside. It was created in honor of Virgin Sri, the rice goddess. During planting of this cereal, as well as harvesting the great and cheerful festive ceremonies take place.

The Temple itself is so sacred for Balinese, that is why this place is closed for tourists. But this holy place is so gorgeous that you should certainly take a look from the outside! 
Unique carved gates of the temple, national architecture, wonderful Miru standing right in the water…

A small Buddhist Holy table is located near the Temple – it can also attract your attention! There is a very beautiful park at the lakeside where you feel being in paradise. It is so pleasant to walk there and breath the pure wet Balinese air. Also, you can take a boat to cross the lake. It will be one of the sweetest memories from Bali!

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