Kintamani Volcano & Batur Lake

The Kintamani Volcano is the biggest active volcano in Southeast Asia and can be found deep in the mountains.

Even before you get to the volcano, you will find yourself in the Cheluk Village, the local center of jewelers. A unique piece of jewelry made of gold, silver or pearl will be made right in front of you so you will have a one in a kind gift to remind you of your Bali adventures. As you continue your journey, you will find yourself in the Mas Village where the best Balinese wood carvers can be found. Get yourself an unusual trifle of ebony or redwood as a keepsake.

When you ascend up to the Kintamani village, a beautiful view of the volcano and the Batur Lake, that is at the foot of the volcano, opens up to you. You will also notice the remnants of the recent eruption of 2008.

The Batur Lake is located in a giant crater and being 3km wide and 8km long, is the largest crater lake in the world. According to an ancient legend, the Lake is comprised of eleven springs. The villages adjacent to the lake are called “lake stars,” and their inhabitants are famous for their unique talent of rock carving. You will also have a chance to enjoy the performance of the national Balinese dance, the Barong, which is a colorful performance of the eternal fight between good and evil.

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